Workers our parterns

This page has been fully dedicated to showcase workers related stories and how employment in the UAE had shaped a growing career path and improved their families conditions abroad.

Workers our parterns

Nepali expat credits UAE for better life

Forty-year-old Ram Udagar Talma, a Nepali expat, landed in Abu Dhabi over 14 years ago as a worker in construction sector

With the support of his employer. Talma, is today a specialised welder and is happy not only about his career growth but also the increase in income, which has helped him improve his family’s lifestyle back home. Sharing his story with Al’Amal magazine, Talma said: “Life today is far better for me and also my family since I have started working in the UAE.”

“There were limited work opportunities back home and the situation was only getting difficult by the day. I had heard about the UAE and how lot of people get job opportunities here and I started looking for one too.

Soon as I got the opportunity, I flew to Abu Dhabi and joined a construction company,” he said.

He said he started as a labourer, moving tools and supplies on site. “My hard work and dedication paid off and earned me the employer’s respect. One day, my employer called me in and told me I could improve and increase my income through training. I immediately accepted without hesitation and he listed me for a specialized training program in the field of welding electric cables.”

“After completing the course successfully, I earned my license. I started working in the field of welding electric cables, and over time I gained more experience, which prompted my manager to increase my monthly income as promised, which in turn increased my productivity levels and motivated me further to increase my efforts,” added Talma.

Talking about the work environment, he said, “The company provides us a decent and stimulating work environment and we are very happy with the opportunities to undergo specialized training, which add to our skills and general knowledge.

The company also encourages good work relationship and connectedness among employees from all nationalities and it treats everyone with respect and without any discrimination.”

Talma said he loves his job and the positive work environment and is keen to develop his skills according to required market standards.

Sharing details about how his job in the UAE has helped his family, Talma said that he managed to save from his increased monthly salary and is sending it across to his family back home. I can manage the payment of tuition fees of my four children and cover the rest of the living expenses, in addition, if possible, help other members of family.” “The UAE has people from so many different nationalities from all over the world. This country gives ample opportunities for success and provides a decent lifestyle, I am very happy to work in the UAE and my company, which has allowed me to improve and move up my career ladder, and I’m looking forward to further progress in the near future,” Talma concluded.

Expat thanks UAE for life-changing opportunities

Friendly work environment, training workshops by employer helped enhance skills

For Indian expat Radhakrishnan Unnilath, a job opportunity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has not only helped in his career, it has transformed the lives of his family members too.

The 34-year-old, who came to the UAE about five years ago, said in an interview with ‘Al’Amal magazine, “when I first landed and joined as a factory workman with Hepworth Plastic Industries Co., I didn’t have adequate skills. My job gave me tremendous opportunities to enhance my skills.”

Unnilath underwent training by the company to develop his skills. “It was highly beneficial as I got to learn the exact work skills for my job. The training was very professional and of international standards,” he said.

Unnilath worked hard to fulfil his job responsibilities and says he was always keen on increasing his skills further and has been open to learning new methods and this attitude to learn made a significant positive impact on his growth as a worker as well in the company.

“The company gave us a very friendly work and social environment, encouraged barrier free communication and we also participated on the activities they organised. All of this created a highly positive environment.”

As he honed his word-crafting talent, his employers also encouraged him to participate in exhibitions which gave him recognition, appreciation as well as money he got from sale of his artworks.

“Developing my skills has helped not only me but even helped improve my family’s lifestyle back in India. With my income, I have been able to support the education for my children in India and also offer financial help to my family.

Thanks to the opportunities provided by the company, I feel more empowered. I am highly grateful to the UAE for transforming my life.”

Keen on continuing with the growth path, Unnilath says he never misses an opportunity to opt for more courses, workshops and training programmes offered by the company.

He also said the stable and well-established labour market fills him with a sense of security as the Ministry of Labour has implemented rules and regulations to ensure that the rights of the labourers are preserved.

“The best thing is that regardless of the situation, the Law protects you and is implemented well. It is beneficial for the companies and also for all the workers,” he added.