Midday break

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued a vital decree which represents its humanitarian approach towards labour rights, the 'Midday Break' decree calls

upon employers to halt all sorts of activities and labour operations under direct sunlight between 12:30 till 15:00 during, between mid-June to Mid-August.

The decree, which was launched back in 2005 was considered on the first of its kind, and received honorable regional recognition in terms of protecting labour

right. Periodic reports underwent to tackle implementation procedures, which has also confirmed UAE’s humane move towards labour rights protection when

indicators pointed out commitment levels above 99 percent.

Such results confirm, similarly, the employers' responsibility towards the decree which in turn formed a positive work environment henceforth the increased productivity.

Furthermore, following Ghobash’s successful meeting with a number of employers and concerned parties, he called upon the extension of the Midday break period from

mid-June to mid-September.


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